The Black Hawks expanded the lead, and Schumacher sent a well-known cross from the left side of the bottom line, and the ball broke through the penguin's guard and fell behind Richard Barnick Mario Lemieux Jersey. Pause directly hit the door, Fulai Rui although make a save action, but the ball is too sudden, the ball straight drill his armpit dead end, 2: 0. Goalkeeper position, although Craig - Anderson past 5 times debut performance is still good, but because the team striker weak, he only won one of the game for the victory of the game, in these five games, his The fight rate reached 91.5%, compared to the average of 92.7% of the season or have a certain degree of decline, the team must also sound the alarm. Compared to the poor Senator Christian Ehrhoff Jersey, the wild team is the decline in speed of light Paul Martin Jersey, but the game face the first capital of the league, the team still show a certain degree of bloody, in the case of several years behind the tenacious equalizer until Overtime in the match. But the team's Secret Service team in the game crash Tom Sestito Jersey, Ovidi gold alone in the ternary, the game face Carlson sits in the Senate Secret Service, the wild team if you can not make adjustments in time, then the scene will be very ugly The