In fact, for Rooney is worthy of the main topic of Manchester United has been in the media for a long time to discuss, Ferguson era, Rooney's state also with his age and growing decline James Patrick Jersey. In spite of this, Moyes and Van Gaal have chosen to support Rooney, at the same time just took office Jose Mourinho also because of the previous love of Rooney to the Manchester United captain for a long time as the team starting. In the Mourinho era, Rooney kicked the front waist in the team, kicked the center, played winger, but no matter where the position, Wayne Rooney is difficult to come up with enough convincing performance Phil Esposito Jersey. Therefore, in the current round of the game before the start, there are polls show 99% of the fans asked Mu Shuai removed chubby. In addition to Iniesta Turan, in the midfield sent a record pick, Suarez Road anti-off-road high-speed plug. At this time the home team goalkeeper Quelrell abandoned the door to attack, in the Soviet gods get the ball Henrik Lundqvist Jersey, from the Quelrell has been very close. Suarez did not stop the ball, but in front of Quelrell suddenly with the right foot of the ball gently poke. Uruguay's action, making the home team goalkeeper completely unable to respond. In the "consonance one" after passing Quelrell, Suarez easily put the ball into the empty door. 2016-2017 season Bundesliga fifth round to continue, defending champion Bayern Munich away against Hamburg, the first half, Levin header missed the opportunity Jarret Stoll Jersey, halftime, Bayern away 0-0 temporary hamburgers. The second half, Araba free kick hit the post, Kimi Jimi final lore, and ultimately, Bayern away 1-0 draw with Hamburg, after 5 rounds, Bayern 5 war victory to get 15 points, still with 3 points advantage Top of the list.