Debreu on the right side of the ball, Silva arc left foot kick shot, the ball rub the other defender after the body after the fold line, but fortunately Fabi Senji timely retracement, single palm ball out the bottom line. Silva left corner of the ball sent to the middle Phil Esposito Jersey, Fernandinho before plug shakes a little less. 77 minutes, Manchester City to expand the score, meritorious is Stirling. Swansea on the right corner of the corner was sent to the restricted area was siege Jimmy Vesey Jersey, the external players pass was broken, Silva backcourt pass, near the front line of de Boulogne Zhisai, Stirling into the restricted area after easily go past Norton Martin St. Louis Jersey, low shot Goal lower left corner hit, 3 to 1. In the two sides stalemate stage, Barcelona actually played very mediocre. A large number of rotation players starting, making the team offensive become very jerky. Suarez's goal, making Barcelona to eat a reassurance, but also to greatly frustrated Gijon athletic morale. And the soul of this goal is very exciting, he was dealing with single-handedly cool when the ball is amazing Ron Duguay Jersey. The first 33 minutes, Hull City staff adjustment, Diou Mande, Mehler on. 35 minutes, Venetu Dumu long shot in the restricted area, was the other goalkeeper saved. 36 minutes, the horse in the restricted area of ??the road to get the pass after the lane turned to pull away the angle, kicked, the ball into the net, Liverpool 3-0 lead.